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Glenbuchat Heritage

67 Cameron Family Sunnybrae
The Glenbuchat Image Library
67 Cameron Family Sunnybrae

This family photo was taken at the funeral of James Cameron. back row; Brothers left to right are George, William, Robert and Alexander Cameron. Second row: Jeannie (wife of George), Daniel Cameron, Ann Chree (Daniels Mother In Law, Ann (wife of Daniel), Bella (widow of James). Children Left to right; Girl called Anderson (no relation), Florence (in white dress), Jessie, Isabella, Ethel (in white dress), Elsie.

Peter Cameron has contributed the following:

"Here is a photo of my family taken at Sunnybrae Farm about 1901-This one shows my Father Alexander top right and three of his eight brothers -My Grand father Daniel and Grand mother Ann ( Nee Chree) are seated second and third in the middle row -l do not know any of the others-l presume they are wives and grandchildren-l think it was the taken on the occasion of a family funeral -Daniel took over Sunny brae Farm after the death of his Father-in-law William Chree -Daniel died in 1914 Ann died in 1942 -my Father lost touch after then"

"l myself have never been to Glenbuchat -my father and mother used to go there quite regulaly pre-war -My father came to England in 1902 and joined the Chelmsford Police Force he retired in 1927 with the rank of Sergeant-and then became a security officer on the oil tankers coming into the Shell Refinery in Essex-he retired in 1947 and died in 1958 His elder brother also lived nearby -nearly all his brothers joined various Police Forces -two of them joined the R C M P in Vancouver -One of his tales was about his Grand father James who was at one time the strongest man in Aberdeen -pulling a runaway pony and trap from a pond -the Lairds' wife was in it"

See Photo of Alexander Cameron

Family of Ann Chree
Updated with information from email below

From Kildrummy Families

William Chree
1822 - 1900

Birth 18 Nov 1822 Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Sex Male
Died 26 Mar 1900 Glenbucket/Glenbuchat

Father William Chree, b. 02 May 1779, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Mother Mary Dawson, b. 1794, Strathdon (and Corgarff)

Family Annie Farquharson, b. 29 Mar 1829, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Married 09 Feb 1882 Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Children 1. Ann Chree, b. 27 Aug 1853, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat

Ann Chree
1853 - 1942

Birth 27 Aug 1853 Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Sex Female
Father William Chree, b. 18 Nov 1822, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Mother Annie Farquharson, b. 29 Mar 1829, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Family Married Daniel Cameron, b. 25 Mar 1846, Tullynessle and Forbes d. 1914
Married 29 May 1875 Old Machar
1. James Cameron, b. 22 Feb 1876, Towie
2. Ann Isabella Cameron, b. 1877, Towie
3. William Cameron, b. 1878, Towie
4. Alexander Cameron, b. 19 Apr 1880, Tullynessle and Forbes
5. George Cameron, b. 1882, Auchindoir and Kearn
6. Daniel Cameron, b. 15 Sep 1883, Auchindoir and Kearn
7. John Cameron, b. 28 Mar 1886, Auchindoir and Kearn
8. Charles Chree Cameron, b. 1888, Auchindoir and Kearn
9. Robert Garden Cameron, b. 03 Oct 1893, Auchindoir and Kearn

James Cameron
Birth 22 Feb 1876 Towie
Death 1913 Peritonitis
Father Daniel Cameron, b. 25 Mar 1846, Tullynessle and Forbes
Mother Ann Chree, b. 27 Aug 1853, Glenbucket/Glenbuchat
Married Isabella Cameron, b. 17 Feb 1881, Kildrummy
Married 22 Jul 1900 Alford
1. Jessie Ann Cameron, b. 25 Mar 1901, Auchindoir and Kearn
Histories census
1881 enumerated @ Tulloch, Tullynessle with parents and siblings Ann, William and Alexander
1901 enumerated @ Lumsden Village, Auchindoir (hostler) with wife, brother Daniel and daughter Jessie

Alexander Cameron
1880 - 1958
Birth 19 Apr 1880 Tullynessle and Forbes
Died April 1958
Sex Male

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Picture added on 30 September 2010 at 00:23
This picture is in the following groups
This is my husband's family as well. We also have a copy of this photo given to us with the names you are missing, and missing the names you have provided.
My husband's mother was Marian Chree Cameron born 9 Sept 1916. Died Sept 1977 in a car accident in Alberta.
She married James Walker born 1916 died 1993.
My husband was born in Glenbuchat, Scotland and came to Canada with his parents and siblings, when he was 15 years old.
This is the information that we have on the back of the photo given to us:
Photograph of Cameron Family
This photo was taken outside Sunnybrae farm in 1913 on the occasion of the funeral of James Cameron, oldest son of Daniel and Ann Cameron. James was born in 1876 and died due to the neglect of his doctor, who did not send him to hospital in time for an appendix operation. As a result peritonitis set in and the doctors were unable to save him.

Back Row Left to right:
George Cameron, Unknown, Robert Cameron, Unknown

Middle Row Left to Right:
Jeannie wife of George, Daniel Cameron, Ann Chree, Daniel's mother in law, Ann wife of Daniel, Bella widow of James.

Children Left to Right
Girl called Anderson, no relation, Florence in white dress, Jessie, Isabella, Ethel in white dress, Elsie.

Florence and Ethel, both in a white dress were the daughters of George and Jeannie. My husbands mother, Marian Chree Cameron was not born until 3 years later to George and Jeannie.

Jessie, Isabella and Elsie, were the daughters of James and Bella.

There is also this note included.
" The last survivor of this group was Elsie, who lived into her nineties and died around 2004 in an Aberdeen nursing home.'
Then they speculate about the 2 unknown men, suggesting who they might be and saying that perhaps they were Alexander and William who were living in the south of England, but they were totally uncertain. Thanks to you this question is now answered for us.
It also says,
"It will be appreciated that several other members of the family were not present when the photograph was taken. These were the other sons of Daniel and Ann, namely John and Charles, who had emigrated to Canada by then and son Daniel, who was not there for some other reason. The only daughter of Daniel and Ann was called Ann Jeannie and it is understood that she died at the age of 8 years after contracting measles."

Thank you so much for putting this picture up here and adding the information you have. I am working on my husbands family tree and you have answered many questions. I hope this information helps you as well.
If you wish to share and exchange more family information with us, please contact me.

Added by Carol Ann Walker on 06 November 2010
Thank you for the information it has been very helpful- William second left had two daughters Olive and Mary and one son Jack from his first marriage -and one son Ian from his second marriage -Willliam joined the Hong-Kong police- when he retired from the force he became a petrol tanker driver for Shell Mex-BP he died in 1959 a year after my father Alexander-top right of photograph -There were ther were six children in our family -two daughters and four sons my brother and myself are the only two family members surviving both in our early 90's I have traced my ancestors back to 1749 -Can you verify whether if one of the brothers was shot while serving in the R C M P in Vancouver about 1935? l seem to remember reading a report of his death in a Vancouver newspaper sent over by his wife- he had a daughter who was coming over to stay with us but l don't remember her -I would like you to contact me again with any more information you can provide
Added by Peter Cameron on 09 November 2010
I am trying to find out about the brother in the RCMP in Vancouver. Unfortunately I have nothing definite yet to tell you. There are many Camerons in Vancouver. It would be helpful to know your Mothers name and birth and death dates.
Also to know the 2 brothers who were in Vancouver that you are asking about, names, birthdates, death dates, and it will be easier to find.
I have also asked a family member about this, and so I will let you know as soon as I find out anything.
In the meantime, as I was searching for the Brother, I came across some information on Charles Chree, son of Daniel Cameron and Ann Chree. I was able to find out that Charles Chree Cameron was born 29 July 1888 and died 27 August 1934. This I found on Family Search British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986.
I have also discovered that He was married to Jessie Fraser on 4 Dec 1914. This source is Ancestry.com British Columbia marriage Index:1872 to 1924.
Perhaps you already have this information in your research, but I will give you this in case you do not have it.
Thank you also for your information. Anything you are comfortable sharing here, about your family and your brothers and sisters, and William's family, will be appreciated by me, and perhaps there are others wondering about our family.
I too will see what else I can find out for you, and no doubt I will be asking you questions as well. I have already learned a great deal from you and it is precious to me, that you are willing to share your information.
When families become separated for whatever reason, time goes by and valuable information is lost.
Thankfully, because of you, and the Admin of this website, who I also appreciate, because, without this website, I would not have had the opportunity to have met you, and learned so much about my husband's family, and where they lived before coming to Canada. For me this is a treasure not only for us who are trying to find out more, but for our family and my grandchildren's heritage.
So yes, I am very grateful and wish to thank each one of you for making this possible.
Hope to hear from you soon and I will let you know if and when I find out the answer to your questions.
Added by Carol Ann Walker on 12 November 2010
Alexander Cameron was my grand father he married my nan Ethel blanch milton my father was Bruce Cameron son of Alexander Cameron
Added by Wendy Emberson nee cameron on 07 November 2011
I have more history information on the cameron family at Sunnybrae dating back to 1700's,my grandfather is Ian Cameron, son of George,i have a family tree that was made up by Alan Cameron for my grandmother Molly Cameron including the family in canada. Email me with any questions
Added by Neil Cameron Mutch on 29 November 2011
Hello Neil What edition do you have of Alan Camerons'Family History (my cousin) I have Volume one 1995-going back to Aexander Cameron b Abt 1730 M Isabel Gray b Abt 1747 it was sent to me by Carol Ann Walker and her husband Lawson Walker who live in Alberta Canada

Added by Peter Cameron on 30 November 2011
Hi all,
Thank you for your offers to help with our Family history, and it is nice to meet you. As I mentioned above my husband is Scotty, his family calls him by his proper name Lawson. His mother was Marian Chree Cameron daugher of George and Jennie. She was not born until 3 years after this photo was taken.
Peter and I met through this website and have exchanged a lot of information back and forth by email, and snail mail, for which I am very grateful, besides We have enjoyed knowing him. He has a lot of information he can share about his family, that has been previously unknown, as least in any of the paperwork I have been given so far, by other means in the family, and has been totally willing to share his knowledge of our family that he is apart of and his information is rich and interesting.
Because we did not wish to put our emails on this webpage our webmaster was very kind to ask our permission first and then, because we agreed, he put us together by email. perhaps if you ask he will do the same for you. Also if you wish to have my email I too am willing to help you with your family tree and would welcome any help you can give me too.
I also enjoy seeing the information here on this website and have referred back to this page from time to time to check my information for my tree. So thank you to everyone.
Added by Carol Ann Walker on 01 December 2011
Hi Peter, I have a copy dated July 2001 with no edition number on it, it seems to go back one generation more than yours as the first entry is for William Cameron who married Ann McKenzie, i dont know what your edition has in it but myone has a couple of census entries for glenbuchat dated 1851, 1881, 1891, it also has copies of Daniel Cameron and William Chree marraige certificates, also a parish extract and a general history of Glenbuchat written by James Barclay MP in 1906, let me know if any of this is different to what you have and if you need any more information, by the way i live in Florida just in case your wondering why im replying at strange hours!!!!!
Added by Neil Cameron Mutch on 02 December 2011
Hi Neil The edition you have must be Volume 2 as there is no mention of any thing you say in the Volume that l have from Carol-l think l misled you a wee bit about than first entry on the Family Tree in my volume they are William Cameron-M-Anne McKenzie-Son-Alexander-B-1730-------------
James Gordon-M-Isabel Grey-Daughter-Clementina-M-Alexander-Son-John-B-1791 Ihope you can follow this-What l am trying to find out-did any of my Ancestors fight at Cullodon in 1746
Added by Peter Cameron on 04 December 2011
Added by Peter Cameron on 28 September 2012
I loved reading all of the comments above! My Grandmother is Ethel (in the white dress)in the picture!
Added by Cheryl Turner Brandt on 05 April 2016
William Cameron died in 1959 one year after my Father Alexander
Added by PETER CAMERON on 17 August 2016
Added by PETER CAMERON on 09 April 2017
If this picture was taken at the funeral of James Cameron then it is from 1913 as per his birth and death info just below the picture. 1913 would be more accurate as my Grandmother Ethel Cameron (in white dress) was born in 1909.

Thank you
Text amended
Added by Cheryl Turner Brandt on 16 June 2017
My brother Angus Chree Cameron passed away April 18th 2017 Myself PETER FARQUHARSON CAMERON is the last living member of the Family of Alexander Cameron
Added by Peter Farquharson Cameron on 19 June 2017
Peter, I am your cousin Alan Cameron and would like to contact you. I knew your brother Angus and visited him in Lincolnshire. His funeral was on 31st May you may have been there.I am 91 and living in a care home so was nopt able to attend. I am the son of your uncle Robert and over the years have provided a great deal of family history. Kind regards Alan C
Added by Alan Cameron on 02 July 2017
Hi Peter, Ref your question on Sinclair. Following is an extract from Parish register of Tullynestle and Forbes
"June 5th 1845 James Cameron and Jean Sinclair both of this parish having their purpose of marriage regularly proclaimed were married."
From the 1881 census they raised their family in a croft called Dools Croft ln Tullynessle. James is therefore our Great Grandfather
Regards Alan
Added by Alan Cameron (Son of Robert Garden Cameron) on 28 September 2017
Added by PETER FARQUHARSON CAMERON on 17 October 2017
Added by PETER FARQUHARSON CAMERON on 18 October 2017

MY EMAIL ADDRESS IS pandd99@yahoo.com
Added by PETER FARQUHARSON CAMERON on 19 October 2017
Hello Peter. I suspect Allan has provided his wealth of information already. He is an amazing man. In any event John Cameron was Chief in Vancouver P. D. and my grandfather Charles Chree Cameron was a police officer. My father Daniel Robert was born in Vancouver, served in WW 2 and worked in Vancouver until retirement. I was born in Vancouver and I was a member of the RCMP for 26 yrs. I am sure you have all this info already from Allan (and much more)
Added by Charles Stuart Cameron on 25 October 2017
Nice hearing from you CHARLES-I've learnt quite a lot re the CAMERONS these last few weeks-one thing l have been trying to find out is this-abut1936 my father Alexander received a newspaper from a relative in Canada saying a Chief of Police was shot at his desk he was a CAMERON any idea who he was
Added by Peter Farquharson Cameron on 29 October 2017
Hi everyone. Looking at all your comments I can add more information about John Cameron my Uncle. He was firstly a constable in Vancouver when in March 1917 he was involved in an incident in which he was shot in the face and lost an eye. At the same time his Chief was also shot and killed. in later years he became Chief of the New Westminster police which presumably was a part of the Vancouver area. From there he became Chief Constable of Vancouver in !934.for a short period before entering a timber business. He was at one time as a detective in the police, Canada`s All Round sports Champion and I have a photo of him beside a massive display of cups and medals.I obtained some of this information during a visit to Vancouver some years ago including a visit to the central library and obtaining copies from the Police history.
I always refer to the encyclopedia Allan. He's the greatest.
Added by Charles Stuart Cameron on 04 November 2017
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