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Heritage Walk 25th Sept 2011
Added on 17 October 2011 at 14:51
On the afternoon of Sat 25th Sept a group of walkers started at the Glenbuchat Hall and learned about its history. We then went to Sunnybrae the site of a farm, shop and an unfortunate poisoning incident in 1864. We also were able to sample Gill Russell’s audio installation, put in place as part of the North East Artists Open Day. Then we walked through Belnaboth an original clachan of 12 houses and 15 families. Past Eastburn and The Newton to the Old Kirk. We were able to enter the Old Kirk and examine the original features, lay out and plaques. We spent so much time there we had to abandon the rest of the walk for another day.
Upperon Visit
Added on 15 October 2010 at 17:20 by Peter Duffus
In early October 17 souls (including representatives from the Tarland Heritage Society) were entertained by Professor Nisbet at Upperton Cottage. Prof Nisbet is an expert on the Upperton Clachan and his work can be seen if you search on ‘Upperton’ in the site. He had had the cottage since the early 1940’s and kept it in its original condition. He also showed us round the Upperton site. Thereafter some walked the long way round to Peatfold via Davidson’s cairn while others went direct to Dulax farm cottage and the Peatfold clachan.
Glenbuchat Heritage Association goes walk about
Added on 24 June 2010 at 22:56 by Peter Duffus
Following a successful Heritge meeting sponsored by the National Park at Boat of Garten, interest was stimulated to increase the activity of the association. It was agreed to consider mapping the ruined sutes in the glen and attempt an archealogical dig at one of the sites. To this end we had an impromptu walk to the site at Delfrankie, where there had been and old inn. We also explored the site of the wollen mill at Bridge of Buchat. We had a good attendance of the young and mor mature and were assisted by Bill Thomson whi had farmed the area for many years. It is hoped to arrange further Heritage walks in the future.

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