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Glenbuchat Heritage

66 1851 Census Glenbucket
The Glenbuchat Image Library
66 1851 Census Glenbucket

County of Aberdeen, Parish of Glenbucket, Enumeration District 1
hhold name Name and Surname Relation Cond. Age M/Age F Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born blind, etc.

1 Manse
Robert Scott Head Widr 72 Minister of Glenbucket Rothiemay, Banffshire
Christina Grant House Servt U 36 House Servant Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Isobel Dey Servt U 24 House Servant Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
John Stuart Servt U 22 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Cairnie
Alexr Inch Servt U 14 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
2 Beltim
Alexr Brown Head Mar 72 Farmer (of 26 acres) employing 3 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jean Gauld Wife Mar 53 Farmer's Wife Aberdeenshire, Cromar
John Young Servt U 19 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Charles Inch Servt U 11 Farm Labourer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Elspet Coutts Servt U 20 House Servant Aberdeenshire
Willm Johnston Head Mar 42 Farmer Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margaret Brown Wife Mar 29 Farmer's wife Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexander Johnston Son 3 Farmer's son do, do
Jean Johnston Daur 1 Farmer's daur do, do
4 Roadside
John Kellas Head Mar 33 Weaver (Woollen) do, do
Mary Kellas Wife Mar 35 Weaver's Wife do, Strathdon
James Kellas Son 5 Scholar do, Tarland
Willm Kellas Son 3 do, Glenbucket
Charles Kellas Son 11m do, Glenbucket
5 Roadside
Elisabeth Kellas Head W 59 Weaver's Widow do, do
Roadside Margt Kellas daur U 34 Weaver's daughter Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexr Kellas Son U 24 Carpenter (app) do, do
Mary McKenzie niece 6 Scholar do, do
William Robertson nephew 1 do, do
William Bremner foster child 3m do, Towie
6 Balnacraig Camp
Charles McDonald Head Mar 40 Travelling Beggars (said to Inverness
Jean Clark Wife Mar 60 be umbrella menders) Invernessshire
Mary McDonald Daur U 17 Ayr Shire
Louisa McDonald Daur 7 Glasgow
Catherine McDonald Daur 14(?) Perth Shire
Betty McDonald Daur 5 Glasgow
7 Belnacraig
Alexander Raeburn Head Mar 71 Crofter (of 11 acres) Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margaret Grant Wife Mar 46 Crofter's Wife Banff-shire, Inveravon
Mary Robertson Serv 11 General servant Aberdeenshire, Kinnethmont
8 Belnacraig
Gordon Forbes Head Mar 45 Gamekeeper do, Glenbucket
Ann Forbes Wife Mar 40 do, do
Elizabeth Brodie Mother in law W 60 Midwife do, do
William Forbes Son U 18 Ag Lab do, do
Jean Forbes daur 13 Scholar do, do
Ann Forbes daur 9 Scholar do, do
9 Belnacraig
Fife Forbes Son 6 Gamekeeper's son Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Gordon Forbes Son 3 do, do
James Forbes Son 8m do, do
one house building 9 Belnacraig
Ann Kellas Head W 72 Occupier of 3 acres Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
10 Belnacraig
Mary Inch Head Mar 38 Mason's Wife do, do
John Inch Son 8 Scholar do, do
Jean Inch Daur 8 Scholar do, do
William Inch Son 6 Scholar do, do
Mary Inch daur 3 do, do
11 Belnacraig
Barbara Roger Head W 65 formerly farm Servt do, Strathdon
12 Belnacraig
Isabella Bain Head U 73 Pauper (formerly house servt) do, Glenbt
13 Belnacraig
Ann Grant Head U 69 formerly Ag Lab Aberdeenshire
James Hay Son U 22 Hand Loom Woollen Weaver Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Ann Hay niece 9 do, Tullynessle
14 Belnacraig
William Paterson Head Mar 61 Farmer of 13 Acres do, Glenbucket
Margaret Murdoch Wife Mar 53 do, do
George Paterson Son U 17 Farmer's Son (employed on the farm) do, do
Margaret Paterson daur U 13 Scholar do, do
William Paterson Son 10 Scholar do, do
15 Sunnybrae
William Chree Head Mar 71 Farmer of 40 acres employing 5 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Mary Chree Wife Mar 55 Farmer's Wife do, Strathdon
James Chree Son U 31 Farmer's Son (employed on the farm) do, do
William Chree Son U 28 do, do do, do
John Chree Son U 26 Wright do, do
Alexr F. Chree Son U 16 Farmer's Son (employed on the farm) do, do
Peter Chree Son 14 Scholar do, do
Ann M. Chree daur 12 Scholar do, do
William Duncan Visitor U 37 Teacher of sacred music Stonehaven, Kincardineshire
Elizabeth McGregor Servant U 19 House serv Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Robert Stuart Servant U 11 Cattle Keeper Banffshire, Inveravon
16 Sunnybrae
James Ross Head Mar 70 Cart and plough Wright Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Isabella Ross Wife Mar 68 Wright's wife do, Strathdon
James Ross Son U 32 Mill Wright do, Glenbucket
17 Beltamore
William Ross Head Mar 30 Shoemaker (Master employing 1 App) do, do
Isabella Ross Wife Mar 34 Shoemaker's Wife do, Migvie
Robert Ross Son 6 Scholar do, do
Isabella Ross daur 4 do, Glenbucket
Robert Kellas Apprentice U 21 Shoemaker (App) do, do
18 Beltamore
Adam Reid Head Mar 50 Merchant (Clothier and Grocer) do, do
Mary Chree Wife Mar 21 Merchant's Wife Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Mary Ann Reid daur 1 do, do
Betty Barron Serv U 16 House Servant Banffshire, Tomantoul
19 Beltamore
Archibald Reid Head Mar 49 Farmer (of 31 Acres) employing 3 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Helen Gauld Wife Mar 45 do, do
Gordon Reid Brother U 41 Farm Labourer do, do
Disney Hay Servant Mar 25 Farm Labourer do, Strathdon
Barbara McHardy Servant U 16 House Servant do, Corgarff
20 Beltamore
William Ogg Head Widr 66 Farmer (of 26 acres employing 2 Lab) do, Strathdon
Jane Ogg Daur U 37 Farmer's Daughter do, Glenbucket
Charles Ogg Son U 35 Farmer's Son employed on farm do, do
William Ogg Grandson 12 Scholar do, do
Peter Dow Serv U 17 Farm Labourer do, do
21 Beltamore
Jane Ogg Head U 68 formerly Ag Lab do, Strathdon
Catherine Esson Visitor U 16 Ag Lab do, Strathdon
22 Beltamore
William Provost Head Mar 85 Pauper do, Strathdon
Sarah Hunter Wife Mar 69 Pauper (Stocking knitter) do, Lumphanan
23 Belnaboth
Elspet Davidson Head U 60 Crofter (of 2 acres) do, Glenbucket
24 Belnaboth
William Fraser Head Mar 36 Tailor (master employing 2 men) Banffshire, Keith
Margaret Fraser Wife Mar 36 Tailor's Wife do, Glenlivet
Jessie Fraser daur 6 Scholar Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
Alexander Fraser Son 4 do, do
Margaret Fraser daur 1 do, do
William Fraser Nephew U 15 Tailor App Banffshire, Keith
John Morrison Serv U 16 Tailor Journeyman Aberdeenshire, Towie
25 Belnaboth
Jean Murdoch Head W 83 Occupier (of 12 Acres) employing 2 Lab do, Glenbt
William Murdoch Son U 45 Occupier's Son employed on Farm do, do
Ann Farquharson Niece U 27 House Servant do, do
Helen Farquharson Servant 13 Cattle Keeper do, Strathdon
Mary Moir Visitor W 45 Dress Maker Aberdeen
26 Belnaboth
Charles Clark Head Mar 68 Farmer of 15 acres employing 3 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
Elspet Clark Wife Mar 53 do, Kincardine O'Neil
Peter Clark Son U 29 Farmer's Son employed on Farm do, Glenbucket
Elizabeth Clark Daur Mar 24 Farmer's Daughter do, do
Sophia Clark Daur U 20 Farmer's Daur employed at home do, do
William Clark Son U 18 Scholar do, do
George Clark Son U 16 Farmer's Son Farm Servant do, do
Robert Clark Son 10 do, do
Peter Clark Nephew 2 do, do
Charles Leslie Nephew 3m do, do
27 Belnaboth
Jean Riach Head U 69 Occupier (of 2 acres) Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
28 Belnaboth
Isobel McKenzie Head U 62 formerly Ag Lab do, do
William McKenzie Son U 37 Ag Lab do, do
John Brodie Son U 35 Shoemaker do, do
Mary McKenzie Daur U 19 Ag Lab do, do
29 Belnaboth
Margaret McKenzie Head U 70 formerly Ag Lab do, do
30 Belnaboth
John Murdoch Head Mar 44 Farmer (of 4 acres & Ag Lab empl 1 Lab) do, do
Christian Murdoch Wife Mar 40 Badenoch, InvernessShire
Robert Murdoch Son U 18 Farmer's Son employed on farm Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexr Murdoch Son 12 Scholar do, do
Mary Murdoch Daur 10 Scholar do, do
James Murdoch Son 8 Scholar do, do
Angus Murdoch Son 5 Scholar do, do
William Murdoch Son 3 do, do
Charles C Murdoch Son 1 do, do
31 Belnaboth
John Young Head Mar 43 Shoemaker do, do
Jean Young Wife Mar 49 do, Kildrummy
Peter Young Son 15 Scholar do, Glenbucket
Elizabeth M Young Daur 13 Scholar do, do
Ann Young Daur 10 Scholar do, do
32 Belnaboth
Alexander Murdoch Head Mar 36 Cart & Plough Wright Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
Isabella Ingram Wife Mar 28 Banffshire, Rothiemay
Margaret Murdoch Daur 6 Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
Isabella Murdoch Daur 4 do, do
Jean Murdoch Daur 2 do, do
Mary Murdoch Daur 2 mo do, do
33 Belnaboth
Rachel Young Head U 84 Pauper (formerly house servant) do, do
Ann McHardy Nurse U 58 Paupers nurse (formerly House Serv) do, Strathdon
34 Belnaboth
Alexr Farquharson Head Mar 39 Farm Labourer do, Glenbucket
Catherine Farquharson Wife Mar 40 do, Balater
Elspet Farquharson daur 2 do, Glenbucket
Duncan Farquharson Son 11 Scholar do, do
35 Belnaboth
William Fraser Head Widr 59 Pauper (formerly Road Contractor) do, do
36 Belnaboth
Archibald Davidson Head Mar 51 Farmer of 16 ac emp 2 Lab (clothier & groces) do, do
Charlotte Reid Wife Mar 49 do, do
Peter Davidson Son 14 Scholar do, do
William Davidson Son 11 Scholar (at home) do, do
Archibald Davidson Son 9 Scholar do, do
Charles Clark Serv U 22 Farm Servant do, do
Margaret McHardy Servt U 23 House Servant Aberdeenshire
37 Belnaboth
Alexr Roy Head Mar 56 Farmer of 6 acres employing no Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbt
Mary Roy Wife Mar 63 do, Cabrach
Elizabeth Roy Daur U 17 Farmer's daur do, Glenbucket
George Farquharson Nephew 8 Scholar do, do
James Gordon Nephew 6 do, do
38 Belnaboth
Isobel Rannie Visitor U 45 Washerwoman Banffshire, Boyndie
39 Newton
John Callam Head Mar 46 Carpenter Master (employing 1 App) Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margaret Callam Wife Mar 55 do, do
Alexr Callam Son U 21 Carpenter (app) do, do
Margaret Callam Daur U 16 Scholar do, do
Barbara Callum Daur U 14 Scholar do, do
40 Newton
James Reid Head Mar 63 Farmer (of 15 acres employing 1 Lab) do, do
Helen Reid Wife Mar 52 do, Tarland
John Reid Son U 29 Farmer's Son (employed on Farm) do, Glenbucket
Elizabeth Reid Daur U 21 Farmer's Daur do, do
Isobel Reid Daur U 19 do do do, do
Adam Reid Son 9 Scholar do, do
James Pirie Lodger Mar 74 Fishmonger do, do
one house uninhabited
41 Dochry
Robert Stuart Head Mar 63 Crofter (4 acres) no Lab do, Strathdon
Helen Fraser Wife Mar 53 Crofter's Wife Forfarshire, Brechin(?)
Helen Stuart Daur U 18 Crofter's daur Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margaret Stuart Daur U 16 do do do, do
Scott Stuart Son U 13 Crofter's Son do, do
42 Dochry
John Beattie Head Mar 58 Crofter (3 acres no Lab) do, Strathdon
Sophia Michie Wife Mar 43 do, Glenbucket
Jean Beattie Daur U 17 Crofter's daur do, do
Willm Beattie Son 9 Scholar do, do
43 Dochry
John Farquharson Head Mar 42 Crofter (6 acres) 1 Lab do, Towie
Isobel Dawson Wife Mar 41 do, Glenbucket
Ann Farquharson Daur U 19 Crofter's daur (dressmaker) do, do
Jessie Farquharson Daur U 16 do do do, do
John Sandison Serv U 11 Farm Labourer Banff
44 Kirkton
James Reid Head Mar 44 Farmer (of 21 acres employing 1 Lab) Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jean Reid Wife Mar 37 do, do
Ann Reid daur U 13 Farmer's daur do, do
Isobel Reid daur 8 Scholar do, do
John Reid Son 5 Scholar do, do
Charlotte Reid daur 3 do, do
James Reid Son 1 do, do
James McHardy Servant Mar 30 Farm Labourer Banffshire
45 Dockington
Archibald Reid Head U 51 Farmer of 37 acres (empl 3 Lab) Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jean Lindsay Aunt W 84 do, do
Isobel McHardy Serv U 24 House Servant do, Strathdon
Alexander Wattie Servt U 30 Farm Labourer do, do
Robt Bremner Serv U 16 Farm Labourer do, Glenbucket
Forbes McHardy Serv U 14 Cattle Boy do, Strathdon
46 Dockington
Isobel Gregorson Head W 82 Proprietor of Houses do, Glenbucket
47 Milton
John Wattie Head Mar 47 Farmer of 95 acres (empl 2 Lab) Aberdeenshire, Kildrummy
Charlotte Reid Wife Mar 42 do, Glenbucket
Charlotte L. Wattie Daur U 18 Farmer's daughter do, Old Machar
John Wattie Son 12 Scholar do, Glenbucket
Jean Wattie daur 11 Scholar Banffshire, Gamrie
Helen Wattie daur 8 Scholar Banffshire, Gamrie
Charles Wattie Son 5 Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
William Forbes Serv U 18 Farm Labourer do, Strathdon
William Moir Serv Mar 43 Farm Labourer do, Tarves
48 Mains
Barbara Roger Head W 75 Stocking Netter do, Glenbucket
49 Mains
John Beatton Head Mar 33 Outdoor Labourer Ag. Ross Shire, Loch Carron
Helen McHardy Wife Mar 34 Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Mary Beatton daur U 13 Lab daur Scholar Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
John Beatton Son 9 Scholar do, do
Jessie Beatton daur 6 do, Glenbucket
Charlotte Beatton daur 3 do, do
Archibald R Beatton Son 15 mo do, do
James Alexr Beatton Son 15 mo do, do
John McHardy Father in law Widr 66 do, Strathdon
two houses uninhabited
50 Mains
John Grassick Head Mar 48 Farmer of 200 acres (employing 10 Lab) Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Mary Ann Forbes Grassick Wife Mar 36 Banffshire, Inveravon
Patrick McI Grassick Son U 13 Scholar at home Aberdeenshire, Old Machar
John Samuel Grassick Son do 10 do do Aberdn, Glenbucket
Helen Grassick daur do 9 do do do, do
Chas Chrispother Grassick Son do 7 do do do, do
Mary Ann Grassick daur do 6 do do do, do
Forbes Michie Grassick Son do 3 do, do
Cath. Sophia Michie Grassick daur do 9 mo do, do
Patrick Mitchell Nephew do 15 Scholar do, Monymusk
George Smith Serv do 24 A.M. Tutor do, Fraserburgh
Jessie Phillip Serv do 31 Employed on the farm do, Strathdon
Elsie McHardy Serv U 27 Employed on the farm Aberdn, Strathdon
Mary Farquharson Serv U 20 do do do, do
John Clark Serv U 19 do do do, Keig
Gregor McGregor Serv Mar 46 do do do, Strathdon
Betty Stewart Serv U 26 do do do, do
51 Mains
Robert Duncan Head Mar 30 Farm Labourer do, Towie
Mary Duncan Wife Mar 22 do, Strathdon
Jean Duncan daur 8 mo do, Glenbucket
Mary Duncan daur 2 do, Glenbucket
52 Mains
John Smith Head Mar 58 Farm Labourer do, Cairney
Catherine Smith Wife Mar 39 do, Towie
Alexr Smith Son U 16 Farm Labourer do, Glenbucket
Isobel Smith daur 8 Scholar do, do
Chas. Christopher Smith Son 5 do do, do
Catherine Smith Daur 4 mo do, do
53 Mains
Alexander Spence Head Mar 36 Farm Labourer Banffshire
Elizabeth Bremner Wife Mar 40 Banffshire
Margaret Spence daur U 13 Scholar Abdn, Glenbucket
Isabella Spence daur 1 do, do
54 Inverbucket
Ann Anderson Head Wid 50 Aberdeenshire
Charles Ross Son U 32 Carpenter Aberdeenshire
Donald Ross Son U 30 Carding Miller (Woollen) Aberdeenshire
Helen Ross daur U 28 dressmaker Aberdeenshire
Eliza Ross Grand daur 6 Scholar Aberdeenshire
George Taylor Serv Mar 45 Blacksmith (Journeyman) Aberdeenshire
55 Delfrankie
James Michie Head Mar 68 Pensioner from 10th Regt Aberdn, Migvie
Agnes Proctor Wife Mar 50 Pensioner's Wife Moray shire, Lhanbryde
Jane Michie daur U 11 Scholar Inverness
56 Delfrankie
John McHardy Head Mar 30 Tailor (master employing no Lab) Aberdn, Strathdon
Isobel Hay Wife Mar 37 Aberdn, Glenbucket
John McHardy Son 7 Scholar do, do
James McHardy Son 6 Scholar do, do
Mary (Marj?) McHardy daur 4 do, do
57 Easter Bucket
William Rannie Head U 55 Farmer (of 15 acres) employing 1 Lab do, do
Jean Rannie Niece U 17 House Servant do, do
William Forbes Servt U 17 Farm Labourer do, do
James Forbes Head Mar 38 Blacksmith (no Lab) Aberdeen, Towie
Mary Margt Dawson Wife Mar 38 Abdn, Glenbucket
59 Easterbucket
John Grassick Head Widr 58 Schoolmaster (English Arithmatic) Aberdeen, Strathdon
Catherine Cromar sister in law W 53 Housekeeper do, do
Easter Bucket
John Grassick Cousin U 12 Scholar Aberdn, Glenmuick
John Grassick Nephew U 13 Scholar do, Strathdon
60 Easterbucket
William Dawson Head Mar 63 Farmer of 14 acres (employing 2 Labs) do, Glenbucket
Ann Rannie Wife Mar 70 do, do
Christina Dawson daur U 30 Farmer's Daughter do, do
Wm Dawson Son U 27 Farmer's Son (employed on farm) do, do
James Farquharson Grandson U 19 Shepperd do, do
William Sandison Grandson U 12 Scholar do, do
61 Easterbucket
William Rannie Head U 21 Farmer of 15 acres (employing 1 Lab) do, do
Janet Allanach Serv U 21 House Servant do, do
John Dawson Head Mar 36 Farm Serv do, do
Ann Rannie Wife Mar 26 Farm Serv's Wife do, do
James Dawson Son 5 Scholar do, do
Christina Dawson daur 2 do, do
William Dawson Son abt 1 mo do, do
63 Easterbucket
Jane Mason Head W 80 Clergyman's Widow Banffshire, Inveravon
Jane Michie Grand daur U 24 Farmer's daughter Abdn, Strathdon
64 Blackhillock
George Begg Head U 41 Farmer of 39 acres (employing 4 lab) Aberdn, Glenbucket
Isobel Begg Mother W 64 Late Farmer's widow Aberdn, Tullich
Jessie Begg Cousin U 27 Farmer's daughter do, Towie
Robt Clark Serv U 18 Farm Labourer Aberdn, Glenbucket
Chrisitan Dawson Serv U 16 House Serv do, Kinnethmont
Lewis Smith Servt U 10 Herd Boy do, Glenbucket
Archibald Reid Visitor U 59 Travelling Merchant (cloth) Edinburgh, St Cuthbert
65 Drumnagarrow
Alexander William Head Widr 80 Woollen Weaver Aberdn, Towie
Robert William Son U 41 Ag Lab do, Glenbucket
Betty William daur U 34 employed at home do, do
66 Drumnagarrow
James Brodie Head Mar 55 Farmer of 13 acres (employing 1 Lab) do, do
Barbara Murdoch Wife Mar 44 do, do
James Brodie Son U 16 Scholar do, do
John Brodie Son U 14 Farmer's Son (employed on farm) do, do
Ann Brodie daur 6 do, do
Jean Brodie daur 4 do, do
67 Belnaglack
John Brodie Head Widr 69 Farmer of 20 acres (employing 1 Lab) do, do
Isobel Brodie daur U 34 Farmer's Daughter do, do
Ann Brodie daur U 28 Farmer's Daughter do, do
John Forbes Serv 15 Farm Labourer do, do
William Brodie Head Mar 38 Farmer's Son (employed on farm) do, do
Mary Brodie Wife Mar 37 Farmer's Son's Wife do, Strathdon
John Brodie Son 4 do, Glenbucket
William Brodie Son 3 Aberdn, Glenbucket
Isobel Brodie daur 1 do, do
one house uninhabited
69 Belnaglack
Margaret Kellas Head W 36 do, do
John Kellas Son 6 Scholar do, do
Jean Kellas daur 4 do, do
70 Belnaglack
John Farquharson Head Mar 80 Farmer of 25 acres (1 Lab) do, do
Isobel Farquharson Wife Mar 51 Farmer's Wife do, Strathdon
Mary Farquharson daur U 26 Farmer's daur do, Glenbucket
John Farquharson Son U 24 Farmer's son do, do
Jessie Farquharson daur U 22 Farmer's daur do, do
Penelope Farquharson daur U 12 do, do do, do
James Michie Servt U 28 Farm Labourer do, do
one house uninhabited
71 Tambreak
Penelope Forbes Head W 38 Farmer of 30 Acres (1 Lab) Inverness shire, Abernethy
James Forbes Son U 17 Widow's son (employed at home) Aberdn, Glenbucket
Willm Forbes Son U 15 Scholar do, do
Elizabeth Forbes daur 13 Scholar do, do
Jean Forbes daur 11 Scholar do, do
James Drysdale Servt Mar 48 Farm Labourer Fifeshire, Dunfermline
Aaron Smith Lodger Mar 50 Traveller (said to be umbrella mender) Perth
Elizabeth Smith do Mar 40 Traveller's wife Argyle, Hamilton
Isabella Smith do 1 do daur do
72 Schoolhouse
William Reid Head U 31 Parochial Schoolmaster Aberdn, Kildrummy
Elspet Milne Serv U 36 House Servant

hhold name Name and Surname Relation Cond. Age M/Age F Rank, Profession, or Occupation Where Born blind, etc.

1 Mill
Elspet Bremnar Head Wid 49 Occupier of 7 acres employing 2 Lab Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Hellen Bremnar Daughter U 25 Occupier's Daughter do, Glenbucket
Thomas Bremnar Son U 24 do Son do, do
Alexr do do U 22 Meal Miller do, do
Jannet do Daur U 18 do, do dumb
Elspet do Daur U 11 Scholar do, do
Peter do Son U 9 do do, do
Ann do Daur 6 do do, do
William do Son 4 do, do
2 Tillacharrich
John Chree Head Mar 75 Farmer of 4 acres do, do
Jean do Wife Mar 69 Farmer's Wife do, do
Mary Ann Reid Grand dau U 11 do Grand child do, do
Jean do do 10 do do do, do
3 Tarntoul
Isobel Farquharson Head Wid 59 Occupier of 16 acres do, Tarland
Alexr do Son U 33 Occupier's Son do, New Machar
Hary do Son Mar 31 do do Servant do, do
Ann do Daur U 22 do Dom house Servt do, Glenbucket
Cathrine do do U 18 do do do do, do
4 Crofts
Johnathan Gauld Head U 51 Farmer of 40 acres emp 4 Lab do, do
Hellen Michie Mother Wid 73 Farmer's Mother do, Strathdon
Crofts William Gauld Brother U 44 House Carpenter Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
George do do U 42 do do do, do
James do do U 36 Farm Labourer do, do
Henry Farquharson Serv U 18 do do, do
Jean Smith do 12 house Serv do, do
5 Nethertown
James Beattie Head Mar 65 Farmer of 26 acres Employing 3 lab do, do
Elspet do Wife do 46 Farmer's Wife Banffshire, Mortlach
William do Son U 16 do Son Ag Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexr do do 9 do do Scholar at home do, do
Charles do do 7 do do do do, do
Mary(?) Roger Serv U 23 house Serv do, do
William Gauld do 13 farm Serv do, do
6 Nethertown
Alexander Dow Head Mar 24 Farm Serv do, do
Margret Dow Wife do 19 Farm Serv Wife do, do
Ann Dow Dau 2 do do Dau do, do
James Dow Son 11 mo do do Son do, do
Robert Dow Son 11 mo do do do do, do
Isobel Dow Sister 13 do do house Serv do, do
Mary Beattie Head W 49 Sewing and netting do, do
8 Dullax
Peter Craford Head Wid 68 Farmer of 30 acres employing 3 lab do, do
James Craford Son U 29 Ag lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Ann do Grand dau 4 do, do
Alexander Dow Serv U 28 Farm Serv do, do
Ann Middleton Serv U 25 House Serv Banffshire, Aberlour
9 Backies
Mary Brodie Head W 61 Occupier of 20 acres Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexr D. Brodie Son U 27 Ag Lab do, do
Mary Ann do Dau U 22 house Serv do, do
Grace Reid Visitor 7 Scholar do, do
John Grant Serv U 15 Farm lab MorrayShire, Rothes
Donald McNicol Lodger Mar 43 [Hd?] Game Keeper Argyleshire, Glenorchy
Nicol McNicol Visitor do 32 do Keeper do, do
John Robertson Lodger do 40 do do Perthshire, Longforgan(?)
10 Badenyone
John Begg Head Mar 59 Farmer of 30 acres employing 5 lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jannet do Wife do 54 do, Kildrummie
James do Son U 30 Auctioneer do, Glenbucket
William do do U 26 Ag Lab do, do
John do do U 22 do do do, do
Jean do Daur U 18 do, do
Peter Craford Grand Son 4 do, do
Jannet Cameron Serv 59? Household Serv Perthshire, Middle Church
Jean Proctor Serv U 18 Household Servt Banffshire, Mortlach
John Summerville do do 15 Farm Serv Glasgow
Alexr Grant do 12 do do Banffshire, Mortlach
[one?] house uninhabited
11 Badenyone
Alexr Fetter(?) Head U 59 Schoolmaster Aberdeenshire, Cabrach
12 do
William Michie Head Mar 66 Occupier of 6 acres Chelsea Pensioner do, Glenbucket
Margret do Wife do 68 do, do
Catherine do Dau U 33 Occasionally Farm Serv do, do
Willm do Son U 25 Farm Serv do, do
Hariot do Dau U 23 Household Serv do, do
Margret Brodie Grand Dau 5 do, do
William do Grand Son 2 mo do, do
John Henderson Visitor U 63 Annuitant UK
Jean Farquharson do U 56 do UK
13 Badenyone
James Michie Head Mar 50 Farmer of 12 acres employing 2 Lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Elisabeth do Wife Mar 51 Banffshire, Inveravon
Elspet do Dau U 22 House Serv Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
John do Son U 20 House Serv do, do
James do do do 16 do do, do
Christina do Dau 13 do, do
14 Badenyone
James Clark Head Mar 73 House Carpenter Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Margret do Wife do 53 do, Coldstone
William do Son U 28 Day Labourer do, Glenbucket
Hellen do Dau U 22 House Serv do, do
Peter do Son U 20 Labourer do, do
Elisa Alexr do Grand Dau 1 do, Towie
15 Badenyone
Henretta Taggart Mar 46 do, Glenbucket
Ann do Dau U 22 Dress Maker do, do
Ann Brodie Foster child 5 do, do
John Norie Widr 50 Woolen Weaver do, Huntly
Rachel Gow Head W 65 Pauper do, Glenbucket
Thomas do Son U 34 Labourer Banffshire, Inveravon
Robert Moir Brother U 67 Pauper Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
David Tulloch Head U 33 Occupier of 8 acres do, do
Peter do Father Mar 56 do, do
Ann do Mother do 56 InvernessShire, Cromdale
Margret do Sister U 31 Pauper Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Ann do Sister U 18 House Servant do, do
Sophia do do U 14 do do, do
Margret do Neice 2 do, Auchindoir
19 Ballachduie
Isobel Ross W 56 Formerly Carpenter's Wife Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Robert Michie Head Mar 49 Farmer of 11 Acres do, do
Hellen do Wife Mar 38 Banffshire, Inveravon
William do Son U 18 Farm Serv Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
James do do U 16 Scholar do, do
Margret do Dau 12 do do, do
George do Son 6 do do, do
James Ross Head Mar 62 Farmer of 12 acres do, do
Jean do Wife Mar 58 do, do
William do Son Widr 32 Farm Serv do, do
Jean do Dau U 26 House Serv do, do
Ann do do U 18 Scholar do, do
Ann Grant Neice 13 do Banffshire, Inveravon
James Ross Grandson 2 Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Elspet Glennie U 78 Formerly House Serv do, do
23 Newseat
James Davidson Head Mar 45 Occupier of 12 Acres, 1 lab do, do
Hellen Davidson Wife Mar 38 do, Strathdon
James do Son 8 Scholar do, Glenbucket
Alexr do do 6 do do, do
Mary do Daur 4 do do, do
Newseat Willm Reid Davidson Son 2 Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
John do do 9 mo do, do
James Grant Serv U 16 Farm Serv do, Cabrach
Elizabeth Innes do U 24 House Serv Banffshire, Kirkmichael
24 Rhyntaing
Hary McRobie Head Mar 61 Farmer of 12 acres, 2 lab Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Isobel Do Wife do 56 do, Towie
John do Son U 31 Ag Lab do, Glenbucket
Charles do Son U 23 do do, do
Mary do Dau U 19 Household Serv do, do
John do Grandson 9 do, Strathdon
William do do 4 do, Alford
25 Sluggie
James Michie Head Mar 56 Farmer of 12 acres 2 lab do, Glenbucket
Hellen do Wife Mar 53 do, do
Margret do Dau U 25 House Serv do, do
John do Son U 23 House Serv do, do
James do do U 15 Scholar do, do
William do do 13 do do, do
Charles do do 10 do do, do
Hellen do Dau 10 do do, do
26 Petfold
Margret Dow U 59 Pauper do, Strathdon
27 Petfold
Alexander Dow Head Mar 57 Tailor Aberdeenshire, Strathdon
Elisabeth Dow Wife Mar 59 do, do
Alexander Dow Head Mar 28 ShoeMaker employing 2 men do, Glenbucket
Elspet Dow Wife Mar 21 Banffshire, Fordyce
Hellen Dow Dau 7 mo Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
William Dow Cousin U 19 Ap Shoemaker do, do
Thomas Dow Do U 19 Ap do do, do
Mary Stuart Serv U 17 House Serv do, Strathdon
Jean Craford U 63 Pauper do, Glenbucket
Peter Dow Head Mar 57 Occupier of 3 acres do, do
Isobel Dow Wife Mar 56 InvernessShire, Inch
James Dow Grandson 4 Aberdeenshire, Kildrummy
Robert Dow Head Mar 54 Occupier of 6 acres land do, Glenbucket
Ann Dow Wife Mar 56 do, do
[blank] Brown Visitor U 55 Watch Maker U.K.
32 Uppertown
John Gauld Head Widr 50 Farmer of 10 acres Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexander do Son 11 Scholar do, do
William do Son 6 do do, do
Ann Bowman Serv 40 House Keeper do, Strathdon
Mary Waker Serv 24 Aberdeen, Old Machar
33 Uppertown
William Walker Head Widr 33 ShoeMaker Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Jean do Sister W 46 House Serv do, do
Jean Anderson Neice U 13 Scholar do, do
Adam Reid U 47 Shoe Maker do, do
Robert Alnoch Head Mar 60 Occupier of 32 acres do, Strathdon
Mary do Wife do 60 do, Glenbucket
James Farquharson Grand Son 4 do, do
Collin McGrigor Head 38 House Carpenter do, Strathdon
Mary do Wife 33 Banffshire, Carnie
John do Son 5 Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Mary do Dau 4 do, do
Collin do Son 2 do, do
Jannet do Dau 2 mo do, do
Elisabeth Grassi[ck] Serv U 16 Household Serv do, Strathdon
Mary Hay Wife Mar 25 Ag lab Wife do, Strathdon
Alexander Hay Son 9 mo do, Glenbucket
Adam Hay Head Mar 35 Farmer of 10 acres do, do
Jannet do Wife do 23 do, do
Mary do Dau 2 do, do
Isobel do Dau 1 do, do
Uppertown William Robertson Serv U 9 Farm Serv Aberdeenshire, Kennethmont
Peter Anderson Head U 57 Occupier of 2 [1/2?] acres do, Glenbucket
Henretta do Sister U 54 House Keeper do, do
Christina Hay Head M 49 Ag labs Wife do, do
John Abernethy Son 12 Scholar do, do
Elisabeth do Dau 2 do do, do
William Beattie Head U 33 Farmer of 20 acres amploying 2 lab do, do
Alexr do Brother U 28 Farm Serv do, do
Jean do Sister U 19 House Keeper do, do
Ann Michie Head W 36 do, do
Maria do Dau U 16 Farm Serv do, do
Hellen do do U 14 Scholar do, do
James Duncan Nephew 1 do, do
43 Smiddyford
William McGrigor Head M 45 House Carpenter do, Strathdon
Margret Forbes Wife do 49 do, Glenbucket
Hary Ross Head M 60 Blacksmith do, do
Jannet Ross Wife do 61 do, do
Hellen Patterson U 53 do, do
46 Auchavaich
Jannet Gauld Head W 48 Occupier of 20 acres employing 2 lab do, do
William do Nephew 7 do, do
Isobel Forbes Serv U 22 Household Serv Aberdeenshire, Glenbucket
Alexr Alnoch Serv U 21 Farm Serv do, do
Alexr Brodie do 12 do do do, do
do 12 do do do, do

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Looking for John and Margaret Glennie from Aberdeen, whose children William, Patrik and Charles went to Male creek, Saskatchewan in 1887
Added by Brian Glennie on 14 August 2011
Wondering what 'U' means, as well as 'do' and how it was determined that one was a pauper in 1851.


U stands for unmarried: M for married and W; for widow
'do' means ditto i.e. the same as above.
I assume that a pauper in 1851 had no income and depended on funds from the parish who supplied the Social Services of the day
The article 'Poisoning in the Poorhouse' gives more details about the provision for the poor.

Added by Carol Britton on 06 August 2015
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