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Glenbuchat Heritage

195 Glenbuchat Manse Tea Urn
The Glenbuchat Image Library
195 Glenbuchat Manse Tea Urn

Tea Urn from Glenbuchat Manse

I am grateful to Nigel Richardson for providing the above picture of an Egyptian style Tea Urn, previously taken from the Glenbuchat Manse.

Interesting as the urn is, of more interest however is the label inside which gives the provenance of the urn. The people mentions are some of the most interesting and significant residents of Glenbuchat in the past.

Picture 1. The Egyptian style tea urn
Picture 2. & 3. The labels inside
Picture 4. The Rev Alexander John Forsyth
Picture 5. Plaque to Rev Forsyth at the Tower of London (Copy at Kings College Aberdeen)

The label states:

Tea Urn – Circa 1806
Belonged to Rev. A. J. Forsyth Minister
Of Belhelvie, 1766-1843
Urn was brought to manse of
Glenbucket by his sister Mrs Scott.
On Rev Scot’s death it was
Bought at the sale of his effects by
Ross of Ballochdhuie, Glenbucket who
gave it to Dr Howie Strathdon in 1904
Dr Howie presented it to Professor
R. N. Reid in 1916

I will list and comment each of the people in turn along with links to more information and then give the relevant family trees. Click on the relevant links for more information about the subject highlighted.

Reverend Mr Alexander John Forsyth, Minister of Belhelvie,
Rev Alexander Forsyth was the minister at Belhelvie and he invented the percussion cap which was eventually adopted by the British Army in 1839. Napoleon offered him £20000 for his invention but he patriotically declined that. He was initially given no money by the British until after lobbying by his friends, he was given a pension. On the morning that the first instalment of the long-delayed pension arrived (11 June 1843), Forsyth was found dead in his study chair.

Rev Alexander Forsyth was unmarried and his sister was Mary Margaret Forsyth,

Mary Margaret Scott Nee Forsyth,
Mary was Rev Forsyth’s sister and on 15 April 1812 she married the Rev Robert Scott of Glenbucket and lived at the Manse at Glenbucket.

Mary died in 1830 before her brother who died in 1843. Since it would seem that he had no other family it is assumed that Rev Forsyth’s effects would have been given to Robert Scott, his brother in law.

Reverend Robert Scott,
Rev Robert Scott was minister at Glenbucket from 1808 until his death in 1855
He is famous for his collection of ballads known as the ‘Glenbuchat Ballads’

He died 16th June 1855.

Ross Ballochdhuie
The Ross family farmed at Ballochdhuie in upper Glenbuchat. If the Rev Scott died in 1855 and his effects were sold soon after they were probably bought by William Ross (born 4 April 1819, died 04 Feb 1891 in Ballachduie, Glenbucket.) When Mr Ross died in 1891 sometime after that the tea Urn it might be assumed that the urn was given to Dr Howie by the family.
The Ross family have an interesting connection with Sir Sean Connery

Dr Phaladallah Howie
Dr Howie was an Arab baby from the Jordan brought up by missionaries in Scotland and he became a long serving Doctor at Strathdon. He is also for having the first car in the area in 1896. He was the subject of a comment from Evelyn Waugh

He attended many patients in Strathdon and surely William Ross was also his patient. Perhaps this is why he might have been given the tea urn.

Prof Robert William Reid
Dr Robert Reid comes from the very talented Reid family which originates from Baltimore Farm in Glenbuchat. His father was William Reid of Baltimore Farm Glenbuchat and he and his two brothers were quite distinguished: Major General Sir Alexander John Forsyth Reid, Kcb, Dr William Reid, Medical Superintendent Aberdeen Asylum and Robert himself was Professor of Anatomy, at Aberdeen University.

Dr Howie would probably have known Prof Reid through his Medical connections and would have been aware of his Glenbuchat connections.

Finally Major General Sir Alexander John Forsyth Reid was the author of the book about Rev John Forsyth and the development of the percussion cap, “The Rev. Alexander John Forsyth and his Invention of the Percussion Lock”

Nigel Richardson
The final link in this interesting chain is Nigel Richardson who donated the photographs. Nigel photographed the urn at his brother’s where it was kept. Nigel’s grandmother was Grace May Reid who was the great granddaughter of John Reid of Baltimore farm and was the daughter of William Reid whose brother was Prof Robert Reid above.

Family Trees

Rev Forsyth

Forsyth, James
Minister of Belhelvie, Reverend Mr
Born: About 1732, Clatt Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Marriage: SIM, Isabell on 7 May 1767 in Belhelvie Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Died: 1 December 1790
Forsyth, Alexander John Minister of Belhelvie, Reverend Mr
Forsyth, Walter
Forsyth, Elizabeth Barbara
Forsyth, Mary Margaret

Forsyth, Alexander John
Minister of Belhelvie, Reverend Mr
Christened: 1 January 1769, Belhelvie Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Died: 11 June 1843

Forsyth, Mary Margaret
Born: 28 March 1776
Christened: 6 April 1776, Belhelvie Parish, Aberdeenshire, Scotland 1 2
Marriage: SCOTT, Robert Minister of Glenbuchat, Reverend Mr on 15 April 1812
Died: 1830

Scott, Robert
Minister of Glenbuchat, Reverend Mr
Christened: 12 April 1778, Rothiemay Parish, Banffshire,
Marriage: Forsyth, Mary Margaret on 15 April 1812
Died: 16 June 1855
Scott, Isabella Elizabeth
Scott, Elizabeth Mary

Scott, Elizabeth Mary
Christened: 25 December 1814, Glenbucket Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Marriage: Reid, William Minister of Auchindoir and Kearn, Reverend Mr on 3 November 1842
Died: 9 November 1890
Reid, Mary Forsyth
Reid, John Lindsay
Reid, Alexander John Forsyth Kcb, Major General Sir
Reid, Anne Elizabeth
Reid, Charlotte Christian
Reid, Robert William Professor of Anatomy, Aberdeen
Reid, William Medical Superintendent Aberdeen Asylum

Reid, Isabella Elizabeth
Reid, Charles

Reid, Alexander John Forsyth Kcb,
Major General Sir

Born: 21 August 1846
Christened: 20 September 1846, Auchindoir Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Died: 4 September 1913

Reid, Robert William
Professor of Anatomy, Aberdeen

Born: 14 May 1851 2
Christened: 19 June 1851, Auchindoir Parish, Aberdeenshire,

Reid, William
Medical Superintendent Aberdeen Asylum

Born: 25 October 1854
Christened: 30 November 1854, Auchindoir Parish, Aberdeenshire,
Died: 3 September 1918

Reids of Baltimore

John Reid
b. 8th June 1755 at Baltimore, Glenbuchat.
William Reid
Anna William
Farmed Miltown of Glenbuchat
Married Charlotte Lindsay (1773-1836)
William Reid 11 Nov 1803- 1882
+ 3 children

William Reid
Birth 11 Nov 1803 in Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire,
Death 2 Jan 1882
Elizabeth Mary Scott 1814 - 1890
Mary Forsyth Reid 1843 - 1883
John Lindsay Reid 1845 –
Alexander John F Reid 1846 - 1913
Anne Elizabeth Reid 1848 - 1915
Charlotte Christina Reid 1849 –
Robert William Reid 1851 – 1939
William Reid 1854 - 1918
Isabella Elizabeth Reid 1855 –
Charles Reid 1857 -
Birth 1803 11 Nov Glenbucket, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Marriage to Elizabeth Mary Scott 1842 3 Nov - Age: 38
Residence 1861 - Age: 58 Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire, Age: 55;
Relation to Head of House: Head
Residence 1871 - Age: 68 Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire, Age: 66;
Relation to Head of House: Head
Death 1882 2 Jan - Age: 78

William Reid
Birth 25 Oct 1854 in Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death 3 Sep 1918 in Rubislaw, Aberdeen,
William Reid 1803 - 1882
Elizabeth Mary Scott 1814 - 1890
Grace Garden Bruce 1868 - 1943
Jessie Paul 1887 –
Grace May Reid 1899 - 1932
Charlotte Rose Scott Reid 1907 - 2000
Birth 1854 25 Oct Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire,
Residence 1861 - Age: 7 Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire, Age: 6;
Relation to Head of House: Son
Residence 1871 - Age: 17 Auchindoir, Aberdeenshire, Age: 16;
Relation to Head of House: Son
Residence 1881 - Age: 27 Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Age: 26; Relation to Head of House: Officer Medical Assistant
Residence 1891 - Age: 37 Aberdeen Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Age: 36;
Relation to Head of House: Head
Marriage to Grace Garden Bruce 1897 - Age: 43 Strathpeffer, Ross-shire,
Residence 1901 - Age: 47 Aberdeen Rosemount, Aberdeenshire, Age: 46;
Relation to Head of House: Head
Death 1918 3 Sep - Age: 63 Rubislaw, Aberdeen,

Grace May Reid
Birth abt 1899 in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Death 28 Dec 1932 in Elgin, Moray,
William Reid 1854 - 1918
Grace Garden Bruce 1868 - 1943
Philip H Kynoch-Shand 1884 - 1939
Robert William Kynoch-Shand 1922 - 1945
Joan Avril Kynoch Shand 1925 - 1989
Philip Alexander Kynoch Shand 1929 – 1991
UK, Outward Passenger Lists, 1890-1960
Departure 1930 4 Apr - Age: 31 London, England
Death 1932 28 Dec - Age: 33 Elgin, Moray,

1901 Census
Name: Grace May Reid
Age: 2 Estimated Birth Year: abt 1899
Relationship: Daughter (Child)
Father's name: William Reid
Gender: Female
Where born: Aberdeen,
Address: Cornhill Road
Occupation: Physician's Daughter ED:
Aberdeen Royal Lunatic Asylum
Household Members: Name Age
William Reid 46
Grace Garden Reid 31
Grace May Reid 2

Dr Howie

1891 Scotland Census about P Elias U Howie
Name:P Elias U Howie
Age:25 Estimated Birth Year:abt 1866
Where born:(British Subject), Syria

1933 Phadlallah Elias El Howie, MB Edin. 1887, died at Strathdon, Aberdeenshire, on 22nd April 1933, aged sixty-nine years. Born in Lebanon, Syria, in 1864, he settled, after graduating in medicine, in Aberdeenshire, where he became, in 1890, medical officer for Strathdon and Glenbuchat. Though an Arab by birth, Dr Howie, in his forty-two years of service, was a Scot of the Scots, and the Lonach Highlanders, headed by their Chief, paid him Highland honours at his funeral. “

Ross of Ballochdhuie

James Ross
Birth 30 Dec 1787 in Glenbucket,
Death 05 Feb 1861 in Ballachdhuie, Glenbucket,
William Ross1767 - 1801
Christian Grant1767 - 1801
Jean Michie1792 - 1878
Margaret Ross1817 - 1846 b. 22 Jun 1817, Glenbucket, d. 25 Aug 1846.
William Ross1819 - 1891 b. 04 Apr 1819, Glenbucket, d. 04 Feb 1891, Ballachduie, Glenbucket.
James Ross1821 – b. 25 Nov 1821, Glenbucket,
Jean Ross1824 - 1865 , b. 14 May 1824, Glenbucket,
Christian Ross1827 – 1841 b. 11 Jul 1827, Glenbucket, d. 20 Dec 1841, Ballachduie, Glenbucket.
Robert Ross1829 – b. 14 Sep 1829, Glenbucket, d. 10 Oct 1847, Ballachduie, Glenbucket.
Ann Ross1832 - 1881 b. 01 Sep 1832, Glenbucket,

Death Record
James Ross, Farmer (Married to Jean Michie)
1861 February fifth 7h 30m AM Ballachduie, Glenbucket
M: 73 years
Parents: William Ross, Farmer (deceased) & Christian Ross ms Grant (deceased)
Cause: Cancer about neck or cheek, about 5 years. No immediate medical attendant Informant: William Ross, Son (present)
1861 February 7th at Glenbucket. Willm Reid, Registrar

William Ross
Birth 4 April 1819 in Glenbucket,
04 Feb 1891 in Ballachduie, Glenbucket.
James Ross 1787 - 1861
Jean Michie 1792 - 1878
Elspet Michie 1828 – 1920
Married on 15 Apr 1853 in Glenbucket, daughter of James Michie and Elisabeth
Elizabeth ( Betsy) Ross 1853 - 1936
William Ross 1853 - 1855
William Ross 1855 - 1940 b. 06 Feb 1855 - 1940, Ballachduie, Glenbucket,
John Ross 1864 - 1949 b. 28 Aug 1864, - 1949 Ballachduie, Glenbucket,
Robert Ross 1871 - 1949 b. 1872, - 1949 Ballachduie, Glenbucket

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