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Glenbuchat Heritage

157: 1907 Graveyard Map and details
The Glenbuchat Image Library
157: 1907 Graveyard Map and details

Glenbuchat Old Kirk Graveyard

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The text above with Plan of the Glenbuchat Graveyard is from:
Upper Donside monumental inscriptions” Pre 1855,

The following is a transcript from a 1907 publication
Aberdeenshire Epitaphs and Inscriptions:
Historical, Biographical, Genealogical, and Antiquarian Notes.
John A. Henderson, 1907

A lot of the details contained in the text above and below refers to the flat grave stones many of which are unreadable. Whenever possible the appropriate text will be transcribed on the page of the photograph of the appropriate stone.


Here lies the - - - - - of Charles Clark sometime farmer in Belnaboth who d. the 7th March 1810 a. 66 yrs. And also his wife Sofia Davidson who d. 5th Dec. 1807 likewise their son Peter farmer in Belnaboth who d. 6th Sept. 1828 a. 46 and his wife Ann Kellas who d. 7th Feb 1807 a. ? 21. Also Charles Clark sometime farmer in Belnaboth who d. 28th Sept. 1861 a. 59 and his wife Elspet Clark who d. 15th Jan. 1872 a. 71. Done by the care of the sons Peter and Charles Clarks.

“In memory of The Rev. John Bremner, Minister of Glenbucket. Born 26 Jun 1815; died 1st December 1880. And his wife Helen Stewart Innes, daughter of Lieut. Robert Innes, Aberlour, born 5th April 1831, died 16 Jul 1895.
Also their son Robert Garden Bremner, born 11 July 1864; died 12 Mar 1898.”

In the wall of the church, to the left of the pulpit, a neat bronze cenotaph, set in polished granite, has recently been erected. It bears the Farquharson family motto and crest, and the following inscription —


This Cenotaph is placed here by John Farquharson of Whitecairns as a mark of filial devotion to the memory of his father, John Farquharson, born at Belnaglack, in this parish, and died there April 12, 1862, aged 91 years, and was buried under the Allargue Tablet on the south wall of Strathdon Church, and of his mother, Isobel Breber, who died at Cove, near Aberdeen, December 12, 1889, aged 90 years, and was buried in Nigg Cemetery. Also of his grandfather and grandmother, Alexander Farquharson and Janet Ritchie, who died at Belnaglack, aged respectively 78 and 95 years, and were interred in the family burial ground within the former church of Strathdon.

A railed wall monument is inscribed as follows—

In memory of Charlotte Lindsay, who died on the 29th September, 1836, aged 63. And her husband, John Reid, farmer in Milltown of Glenbucket, who died the 8th October, 1844, aged 87.

This Mausoleum is erected to express the veneration and filial piety of their son, the Reverend William Reid, Minister of Auchindoir.

Here also is interred the remains of The Rev. Win. Reid, Minister of the United Parishes of Auchindoir and Kearn for the period of 48 years, who died the 2nd January, 1882 aged 78.
And of his daughter, Mary Forsyth Reid, who died the 27th Sept., 1883, aged 39. Also of his wife, Elizabeth Mary Scott, who died on November 9th, 1890, aged 76.

A railed grave has an obelisk showing the following inscription —

Sacred to the memory of Archibald Reid, Farmer, Doekington , Glenbucket. Born 29th May, 1797, died 11th January, 1873. And of his children, Sophia, born 9th June, 1859, died 26th July, 1860. Isabella, born 29th November, 1862, died 3rd December, 1862. And of his wife, Isabella M'Hardy, who died at Baiquharn, Tullyncssle, 10th Oct., 1889, aged 62 years.
Also of his son, x\rchibald Reid, M.B., CM. Born 18th November. 1857. died at Udny, Aberdeenshire, 6th January, 1880.
The above were the parents of Mr William Reid Reid, of Inchgarth, advocate in Aberdeen.

A tombstone bears —
In memory of John Wattie, Farmer, Milton , died 17th February, 1890, aged 86 years. Also his wife, Charlotte Reid, died 25th January, 1901, aged 92 years. Also their son, Charles (. Wattie, M.D., died 25th May, 1888, aged 42 years. And their daughter, Helen, died 16th August, 1894, aged 51 years.

On a tablestone bearing sundry emblems is the following inscription —

Here lies the body of Jean Reid, lawful spouse to Alex. Grigorson, who lived sometime in Uppertown. She died May 24th, 1782, aged 80 years, leaving behind her of their children Archibald and Janet Grigorson.

Now slain by death, who spareth none,
And lies full low under this stone.
Take heed and Read and thou shall see
As I am now, so shalt thou be,
Rotting in dark and silent dust.
Prepare for death, for die thou must.
Life is uncertain, death is sure ;
Sin is ye wound, Christ is the cure.
Done by the care of Archibald Grigorson,
Baker in London.

A tablestone and headstone are inscribed respectively —

(1). Hero lyes John Rainy, late Merchant in Easter Bucket . He died June 4th, 1767, aged 29. Done by the care of his brother, Arthur Rainy, and who died January 12th. 1836, aged 94. And his wife, Ann Gibbon, who died February 20th. 1836. aged 80 years. Also their son, William Rannie. who died at Easterbucket, 10th August, 1882, in his 89th year.

The surname Rannie was inadvertently cut as Rainy in the first half of the above inscription.

Arthur Rannie, who died at the advanced age of 94, remembered the Government redcoats searching in the parish for "Old Glenbucket" after Culloden. Besides the above-mentioned William Rannie, he had a son, James Rannie, who married Janet Eraser, daughter of Arthur Fraser, who served as an elder in the parish for 45 years.

(2). 1876. In memory of William Rannie, some- time Farmer at Easterbucket, Glenbucket, who died 23rd December, 1875, aged 46 years.
Also James Rannie, M.B., CM., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., D.P.H., youngest son of the above, who died at Klerksdorp, South Africa, 20th
ugust, 1894, aged 30 years. . . .
"William Rannie. son of the above- mentioned James Rannie and Janet Fraser. married Hellen Bremner, eldest daughter of Thomas Bremner, miller, Mill of Glenbucket. She died 8th August, 1905, aged 79. Their eldest son is Robert Rannie, M.B., CM., D.P.H., Peterculter. The youngest son, James Rannie, who died at the age of 30, had a brilliant College- career, carrying off no fewer than four first and two gold medals, besides five first and second prizes. He was a poet of no mean ability, and it is hoped that a collection of his pieces may be published on an early date.

Two tablestones are inscribed respectively-

Sacred to the memory of Peter Grant, some- time farmer, Bucham, who died 7th Deer., 1776, aged 57; and of his sons Hugh, who died 20(h June, 1777, aged 27; and Moses, who died 12th Jam-.. 1789, aged 25. And likewise his spouse Isobel Gordon, who died in Old Morlich 3rd March, 1803, aged 79. Also their daughter Hellen, spouse of Alexander Robinson, Banff, who died 11th July, 1823. aged 61. And their sons Wm., who died at Morlich 21st March, 1830, aged 73, and Peter, who died at Banff 29th July, 1832, aged 77. And Katharine Reid, wife of the aforesaid William Grant, who died 22nd May, 1840, aged 83 years.

Peter Grant, sometime farmer Milton of Glenbucket, and subsequently in Buchaam, belonged to a branch of the Clan Grant, being one of the five sons of the laird of Tullochgorum, Cromdale. He married Isobel Gordon, daughter of Gordon in Auchavaich, and his wife, Oliphant, sister of Rev. Adam Oliphant, minister of Glenbucket, 1718-46. Besides their family mentioned above, they had five other sons — Alexander, James, John, Robert (he is commemorated in the next inscription), and George.

In memory of Robert Grant, late farmer in Old Morlich, who died 16th February, 1838, aged 74. Also his daughter Isobel Grant, who died 25th August, 1826, aged 7 years. Also his wife Isobel Ross, who died at Manse of Ordiquhill 30th October, 1849, aged 67 years.

Robert Grant married Isobel Ross, daughter of William Ross, farmer, Little Tolly, Strathdon, and his wife, Janet Michie. Among their family were William Grant, who went to America ; Rev. James Grant, who became minister of Ordiquhill, and subsequently of Fordyce (he held the degree of D.D., and died at the Manse of Fordyce 10th February, 1902, having been an ordained minister for upwards of 55 years) ; and Rev. Robert Grant, who is minister of the parish of Stracathro, his jubilee as an ordained minister having been celebrated in 1901. Among Rev. Dr Grant's family is Rev. John F. W. Grant, D.D., minister of St Stephen's, Edinburgh.

A tablestone — with emblems — bears the inscription —

Here lys John Daison, sometime farmer in Belta Mor, who died June 23rd, 1763, aged 57 years. Done by the care of Margrat Yeat, his spouse.
My Redeemer is exalted, and so shall I.

Mr James Forbes, Tombreck, possesses, among other old documents, a lease of the above farm of Baltimore, granted by the Right Hon. William, Lord Braco, in December, 1738, to James Begg, pre- viously in Mains of Glenbucket, for 9 or 19 years, at the rental of £221 10s l0d Scots in cash, 3 " letts " peats, or £8 Scots for each " lett," 3 dozen poultry fowls, or £1 4s Scots per doz., and six reek hens, or 4s Scots for each hen. At the same time, Tombreck was let for £40 18s 8d Scots in cash, £ "lett" peats, half a stone butter or £2 Scots, half a wedder or 2£ merks, half a dozen fowls or 12s Scots, and 2 reek hens or 8s Scots.

A tablestone — with emblems — bears the inscription —

Here lys John Daison, sometime farmer in Belta Mor, who died June 23rd, 1763, aged 57 years. Done by the care of Margrat Yeat, his spouse.
My Redeemer is exalted, and so shall I.

Mr James Forbes, Tombreck, possesses, among other old documents, a lease of the above farm of Baltimore, granted by the Right Hon. William, Lord Braco, in December, 1738, to James Begg, pre- viously in Mains of Glenbucket, for 9 or 19 years, at the rental of £221 10s l0d Scots in cash, 3 " letts " peats, or £8 Scots for each " lett," 3 dozen poultry fowls, or £1 4s Scots per doz., and six reek hens, or 4s Scots for each hen. At the same time, Tombreck was let for £40 18s 8d Scots in cash, £ "lett" peats, half a stone butter or £2 Scots, half a wedder or 2£ merks, half a dozen fowls or 12s Scots, and 2 reek hens or 8s Scots.

A tablestone which displays sundry emblems has the following unusual form of inscription

Here lyes Robert, William, Jean, and Mary Reid, children to A. R. and J. R., Fermer, Bedyon. . . .

A tablestone bears —

Here lies the dust of Hary M'Robie, who lived some time in Belnaboth . and died 1766, aged 87. Also . . . his lawful spouse, who died 1781, aged 97, and also two of their children, viz., Alex, and Isobel M'Robie. Alexr. died 1781, aged 31, and Isobel died 1783, aged 20 years. Hary M'Robie, their lawful son, has placed this stone here to their memory's : [Virtue lives after the funeral] 1793.

The first-mentioned Hary M'Robie was a son of George M'Robie, who, in 1696, was a tenant in Belnaboth.

A tablestone bears the following extra- ordinary inscription —

Here lies John Gordon, sometime farmer in Achavaich, who died Feby. 23rd, 1779, aged 45, and a daughter Hellen, and John, Alexr., Jean, and Henerita Gordons, who survive.
Done by ye care of Hellen Morrison, hie spouse.

A tablestone is inscribed —

Here lyes the body of William Hay, some- time Taylor in Belnicraig, and Departed this
life Dec. 22, 1775, aged 65 years; and 2 of his children, John and William Hays, also James Hay, his son, who died Dec. 5th, 1760, aged 21 years . . .

The following inscriptions and explana- tions are extracted from the Murdoch- Lawrance MS.

The Brodies And Murdochs.
(1). Erected by William Paterson and Margaret Murdoch his wife in Memory of their daughter Margaret who died in Belnacraig, 13 May, 1861, aged 23 years; and their mother, wife of William Paterson, farmer, Belnacraig, who died 4th August, 1865, aged 67 years ; also the above William Paterson who died 3rd March, 1867, aged 76.

Erected by Charles Beattie, farmer, Ward- head, Insch, in Memory of his wife Elizabeth Brodie, who died 26th Sept., 1856, aged 45, also the above Charles Beattie, who died 3rd Dec. 1866 aged 64.
(2). In Memory of Mary Margaret, daughter of James Brodie, farmer in Drumnagarrie, who died on the 7th March, 1853, aged 18 years. The above said James Brodie died 1st April 1885 aged 89 years and his wife Barbara Murdoch died 4th Juno 1888 aged 81 years. Also their oldest son William who died 6th April, 1896, aged 65 years. Also their daughter Jane who died at Huntly 24th March 1905, aged 60 years.
(3). Sacred to the Memory of William Brodie late gamekeeper at Backie's who died on the 26th day of March. 1839 aged 53 years, also of his infant son William who died on the 23 April, 1839, aged one year. And Margaret his daughter who died at Aberdeen on the 25th day of February. 1838 aged 18 years. His wife Mary Reid, died 28th February, 1864, aged 74 years.

(4). Sacred to the Memory of Alexander Duff Brodie. who was born 20th Sept. 1823, and died 18th of Feb. 1861, aged 38 years, And his wife Mary Farquharson died in Aberdeen 25th March, 1886, aged 61 years; also of their son James, Engineer, Aberdeen, who died 27th April. 1879, aged 26 years

(5). Sacred to the Memory of William Brodie. farmer, Belnaglack, died 28 May, 1897, aged 84, and his wife Mary Grassick 9th Oct. 1895, aged 82, and their son John died 17th March, 1852. aged 6 years ; also their infant grandson.

(6). Sacred to the Memory of William Brody sometime farmer in Belnaglack who died 10th Octr 1802 aged 59 years. Also his spouse Agness Anderson who died 1st May 1783 aged 381 h years. Also their daughter-in-law Jean Gibbon spouse of their son John Brodie farmer in Belnaglack who died 6th of October 1841 aged 59 years. Done by the care of their son John Brody farmer in Belnaglack.

These Brodies claim descent from John Brodie. third son of Alexander Brodie, twelfth laird of Brodie. by his second wife, Margaret, widow of Dunbar of Benagefield. This John Brodie married in 1616 Helen M'Kenzie, whose second son, John (" Honest John Brodie." of James Brodies Diary), married Catherine Pat-erson. and had, with others. Alexander, who came to Glenbuchat and settled at Belnacraig; and John, who married Barbara Cumming. Alexander, who married Jean Morris, and had, with others, William, Alexander, and John. One of the two last-named went south, and the other fled the country to escape the vengeance of Anderson of Candacraig.

William Brodie, above-mentioned, was sergeant-of-horse in Gordon of Glenbucket's regiment, and the Highland brooch which he wore at Culloden is now in the private museum of Mr H. G. Lumsdcn of Clova. He was tenant of Dalfrankie, and it is said that he annually treated Lord Fife to a glass of whisky while passing to Braemar. Besides several daughters he had three sons, John and Alexander (both went to Newcastle and started a pottery business), and William.

The last-named, who died in Belnaglack in 1802, was twice married— first, to Agnes Anderson
The last-mentioned John Brodie married before 1812, Jean Gibbon, and had William, who, in 1845, married Mary Grassick ; Alexander, who died unmarried at Ballarat ; Isabella, who married John Reid, farmer, Ardler, Towie ; Margaret, who married William Kellas ; Jane, who married John M'Donald ; Elizabeth, who married Charles Beattie, farmer, Wardhead, Insch ; and Annie, who died unmarried.

William Brodie, by his second wife, Janet Gauld, had William (ancestor of the Brodies in Backies), land steward to Lord Fife; Alexander, who died unmarried; James (ancestor of the Brodies in Drumnagarrie), who married Barbara Murdoch ; Elizabeth, _who married James Roy ; Isabella, who married William Begg ; Helen, who married Peter Forbes ; and Jane, who married Johnston, whose only son was drowned in Aberdeen Harbour in 1848.

William Brodie, by his wife, Mary, daughter of Archibald Reid, Kirktown, had James, who married Elizabeth Gordon ; William, who died young; Alexander Duff, who married Mary, sister of John Farquharson of Whitecairns ; William (iron-founder and partner in the firm of Blaikie Brothers, Aberdeen, who married Elizabeth Ferrier Nicol Baillie, and had, with others, Charles Fraser, who married Jessie Davidson, and William Hampden, M.D., who married Rachel Paterson) ; Margaret, who died young; Isabella, who married Robert Murdoch; and Mary Ann (died 4th March, 1905), the last of the name to reside in the parish, who married Jonathan Gauld, and had an only son, Jonathan.

The Brodies in Belnaglack are now represented by Rev. William Brodie, B.D., born at Belnaglack in 1848. minister of Kirkpatrick- Juxta. 1 1 is brothers. Alexander and James. are farmers at Standingstones. Durris, and Lampool, Dnnnottar. respectively.

Tombstones bear—
(1). In Memory of Robert Murdoch lately in Belnaboth who died 10 April, 1824, aged 45. Jane M'Kenzie who died 8 April, 1822, aged 38. and their son William who died 22 May, 1823, aged 11 years. In filial regret this stone is erected by the family.

(2). In memory of John Murdoch who died at Belnaboth 11 January, 1869, aged 62. Christina M'Bain, the beloved wife of the above who died at Belnaboth 20th Nov. 1905 aged years: and of their family Margaret who died in infancy March 1837, also their son Peter Murdoch beloved husband of Jane Ross who died at Belnaboth 20th Nov. 1905 aged 51 years, also their son William Ross who died in infancy.

In filial regard this stone was erected by their family.

The above-mentioned Robert Murdoch and his wife, Jane M'Kenzie, had the following children: — Margaret, who married Harry Reid ; John in Belnaboth, who married Christian, daughter of Angus Macbean ; Robert in Craigielea, who married Isabella, daughter of William Brodie; William, who died young; and Alexander in Dalfrankie, house carpenter and violin maker, who married Isabella Ingram, and had one son and eight daughters.

William Murdoch, brother of the first-mentioned Robert Murdoch, married Jean Milne, and had, with three daughters, a son. William, who married Jessie M'Donald, who, with others had a son, John, who is married to Mary Beattie. Margaret, sister of the first-mentioned Robert Murdoch, married John Glcnnie, who died at Leochry, Glenkindie, survived by numerous descendants.

John Murdoch and his wife. Christian Macbean, had, with others, Robert, now in Pyke, Insch, who married Jessie Dunbar ; Mary, who married Peter Elrick ; Peter, who married Jean Ross; and Jean, who was married to William Ross. Glenkindie Mills, whose daughter, Christina, is the wife of Alexander Law, Parkside, Glenkindie.

Robert Murdoch and his wife. Isabella Brodie had, with others, James; John Watt. drowned in the Irrawaddy in 1882; William, now in Finnylost. Strathdon, who married Isabella Mackintosh; Alexander, in Toronto; Archibald, in Toronto, who married Agnes Geddes ; Mary Ann, who was married to Captain Robert Scott Lawrance (see Peterhead); Margaret, who married William Gordon; and Ann, who married James Alexander. Nether Savoch, Longside.

James Murdoch married Georgina. daughter of James Lyon, New Deer, and, with two daughters, had a son, James Lyon, who. in 1878, married Ann, daughter of Dr William Sangster Wood, New Deer.

A tombstone is inscribed — 1845.

Erected by Mary Farquharson, in memory of her husband John M'Kenzie, sometime miller at Mill of Glenbucket , who died 7th July, 1825, aged 51. Also 4 of their family, viz. — John who died 14th Octr. 1843, aged 32. James who died 20th April 1843, aged 27. Charles who died 13th April 1842, aged 25. Robert who died 17th May 1822, aged 2. And their daughter Ann who died 28th June 1845, aged 25. Also the above named Mary Farquharson who died 13th May 1848, aged 67 years.

The above-mentioned Mary Farquharson was a daughter of Alexander Farquharson and his wife, Janet Ritchie, before-mentioned. Her husband John M'Kenzie, had a brother James, who left the parish when a young man, and is believed to have been actively engaged in the Red River Rebellion. He never returned to this country, and the family connection with the parish is now extinct. His sister, Jane, was the wife of Robert Murdoch, already referred to.

The Gaulds and Rosses.

Three tombstones are inscribed respectively —
Here lies the dust of John Gauld, sometime farmer in Nethertown of Glenbucket, who died 6th February, 1802. aged 91. Also his spouse Elizabeth Gracie who died March 12, 1796, aged 55. Also there Daughter Jean Gauld, who died 8th April 1798, aged 45 years. . . .

Also their son William Gauld, late farmer in Crofts , who died the 25th April 1841, aged 84 years. Done by the care of Wm. and John Gaulds their sons.

In loving memory of William Gauld who died at Auchavaich , Glenbucket, June 4, 1895, aged 88 years. Also their daughters Mary, who died July 16, 1878, aged 3 years. Margaret Ann. who died at Edinburgh Nov. 23, 1881. aged 16 years, and is interred in North Merchiston Cemetery. Erected by his widow and family.

In memory of Jonathan Gauld, late farmer in Crofts, Glenbucket, who died 16th Jany. 1876 aged 76 years. Also his son William who died 6th May 1863, aged 4 years. And his daughter Mary Ann who died 29th June 1878, aged 15 years. And his wife Mary Ann Brodie. who died 4th March 1905, aged 76 years.

These Gaulds hailed from Glass, and were an exceedingly tall and strong race. James
Gauld (referred to under Glass) stood six feet four inches in height, as also did several members of his family. There were two distinct families in Glass — one dark and the other fair. The former were famed as fist fighters, but the latter have been more peaceably inclined.

John Gauld belonged to the latter family. and his son. William in Netherton, afterwards in Crofts, married Helen, daughter of George Michie, farmer, Invernochty.

William Gauld, Auchavaich, married Margaret Stuart, and had issue, William, Muir of Greystone ; Archibald Reid, Yukon, Canada : Jonathan. George, James, Helen, and Isobel.

Jonathan Gauld, by his wife, Mary Ann Brodie, daughter of William Brodie. had. in addition to the children mentioned in the inscription, a son Jonathan, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Andrew Bell Stewart.

Tombstones bear —

(1). 1771. Erected by John Ross in memory of his Father William Ross, who died at, Upperton 10th October 1771, aged 58 years. His wife Isabella Michie who died 26th August 1787, aged 65 years. The above said John Ross died at Sunnybrae, 4th August 1830, aged 82 years, and his wife Isabella Reid. died 7th June 1783, aged 36 years. Isabella Atkinson Dawson, wife of William Ross, their grand- son, died 27th October 1851, aged 35years.

(2). 1871. In memory of James Ross, who died at Mill of Glenkindie 24th August 1871, aged 91 years, and his wife Isabella Dawson, who died at Mill of Glenkindie 4th January 1870, aged 87 years. And of their family, viz. — Charles and Anne who died in infancy, and of Margaret who died 26 June 1846, aged 32 years. And of John who died at Mill of Glenkindie 22 July 1884, aged 67 years. . . .

(3). In loving memory of William Ross who died at Baltimore Croft 26 July 1893, aged 72 years, and his wife Jane Rannie who died at the same place 24th Oct. 1895, aged 62 years. And the following of their family who died in the month of March 1869, Charlotte aged 9 years, Charles aged 2£ years, Donald aged li years.

The first-mentioned William Ross and his wife, Isabella Michie, had issue — Ann, John, James, Margaret, William, William, Isobel and Jean. John who married Isabella Reid, had issue — William, Isobel, James, and John. James (referred to in the second inscription) and his wife Isabella Dawson, had issue with others — James, who married Ann Gordon, Pyke ; and William, who married, first, Isabella Atkinson Dawson, and, secondly, Jane Rannie, by the latter of whom he had with others, a son, William, who succeeded his uncle, John Ross, as miller and joiner at Mills of Glenkindie.

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